Online donations have become a new emerging industry wherein people can contribute to NGOs and other charitable organizations right from the convenience of their home. But these contributions are too regulated by the country’s governing organizations. To put an end to this regulations and to open up avenues for donations using blockchain technology, PENG Coin has been launched. Also while donating; huge charges are levied by the payment gateway and other middle organizations. PENG Coin was founded in the year 2018 with a view to giving a tool for philanthropists for charitable giving. It helps charities for accepting financial support using a streamlined tool. PENG Coin aims to bring charitable giving by making use of crypto-technology in the 21st century. In order to support global causes, it provides a platform for fast charitable donation with zero fees levied on it. It can also be stored in a wallet and is available on multiple platforms such as Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, and Web. Users also get rewards for their donations because of master nodes which is a crypto-full node containing the complete details of the transactions of the PENG coin ledger.


  1. Generosity at its core: PENG Coin technology has been introduced with a belief that world is a better place to live just because of the generosity of people living in it. PENG Coin aims to give the maximum impact to your generosity by zero transaction fees. This cryptocurrency is created to help humanitarian organizations and make it easier for people to transact and make donations using cryptocurrency.
  2. Privacy and anonymity: the team of PENG Coin ensures that the financial details and transaction history of all individuals is kept private and anonymous. This way you can donate according to your will. Anonymity is possible because of the master node which mixes the details of all transactions.
  3. Growing platform: PENG Coin is a growing platform. This is because it has several coin-adoptions across the globe. At this pace, the cryptocurrency is growing to become a standard in charitable giving using virtual currency.
  4. Active development team and contributors: It has an active team of developers and coders. Other people can also contribute to its code as and when possible for them and make use of their skills to help the world.
  5. Fast and contact less transactions: With PENG Coin it is possible to do blockchain transactions for charity in just 60 seconds of time. This is the minimum time required for any crypto transaction.
  6. Mobile apps: This platform can be easily accessed on the go using its Android and iOS(soon) application.
  7. Partnerships: It has partnered with several charitable organizations across the globe. This is an innovative platform which allows making charity in an anonymous way and is completely safe and secure. So if you want to eliminate undue costs of banks and other organizations while doing online charity then you must use this innovative platform.

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