The African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary (APSS) was founded out of necessity in 2014

The APSS was founded by Gansbaai local, and life-long birder, Wilfred Chivell. Wilfred believes in sustainability in all aspects of life, from business to non-profits to conservation strategies, and his goal with the APSS is to restore the natural balance for the wildlife in Gansbaai.

The APSS was born out of necessity. When the Dyer Island Conservation Trust was founded, the community immediately began reporting or bringing injured wildlife to the DICT’s headquarters.

While minor injuries could easily be remedied by the DICT’s marine biologists, more severe or prolonged conditions could not be treated in Gansbaai due to the area’s lack of facilities. As the DICT’s influence spread further throughout the Overberg, more and more injured wildlife were being reported to the team.

It became apparent that the only way we could truly make a difference to the wildlife in Gansbaai, and respond to all the increasing call for help, was to build a rehabilitation center in the heart of the Overberg.

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You can help APSS by making donations using PENG COIN.

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