What is a PENG Ambassador?

A PENG Ambassador is a person who is selected to represent the brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness. The ambassador is meant to embody the project identity, demeanor, values and ethics. The key element of a PENG ambassador is their ability to use promotional strategies that will increase the visibility of the project and influence a large audience to be part of the PENG Community. A PENG ambassador will be a positive spokesperson, an opinion leader or a community influencer.

Why do we need PENG Ambassadors?

When building a cryptocurrency from scratch, you first need a solid foundation. From this foundation, the currency can grow and self-correct as it develops. The first piece of the puzzle is to have a devoted team of developers, advisers and yes, Ambassadors.

Did you know that less than 1% of the global population actually owns cryptocurrencies — some say as little as 0.2%, and yet there are 3.8 billion people with access to the internet and 5 billion people with bank accounts who could hugely benefit from this technology. To further improve adoption among the masses, we need to do much more in educating people about cryptocurrencies, why are they so important and how the technology behind them could change and disrupt many industries. PENG is part of this cryptocurrency ecosystem. People from all around the globe are looking for the next bitcoin. We have a great team, big plans and a devoted community.

What are the main responsibilities of a PENG Ambassador?

Moderate the Discord subcategory that belongs to his country/region Translate most of the information that is provided by the developing team Being active on social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Slack, Telegram, Organize webinars, short videos promoting PENG. Help the PENG community grow by increasing the number of Twitter Followers, Community members in Discord, Telegram and other platforms.

How can you become a PENG Ambassador?

First, fill out this Google Form 
Then, after we receive your application a screening process will begin. We will select our best applicants and we can get started.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!