SAPREC (Seabird and Penguin Rehabilitation Centre) was established and recognised by Cape Nature in March 2005.

In 2005, Carol Walton opened the Sea Bird and Penguin Rehab Centre (SAPREC), just outside of Mossel Bay, South Africa. Run singlehandedly by Carol, SAPREC has become integral to local penguin conservation. SAPREC is responsible for saving thousands of penguins, gulls, gannets, and other local seabirds in the ten years since it opened.

Carol Walton who founded the centre has been working with penguins and sea birds for over twenty years. She initially started rehabilitating penguins and sea birds in need in her garage. This proved inadequate and with the help of Dr Frans de Graaff from Hartenbos Dierehospitaal and Cape Nature, established the rehab centre in Mossdustria, Mosselbay.

Dr de Graaff has been a huge pillar of support to the sanctuary by giving his time and most of his treatments for free.

Many of the sea birds being rehabilitated are under threat and are in dire need of centers like SAPREC to help with the fight against the decline in biodiversity.

The African Penguin especially is declining at a rapid rate and is actually on the endangered list.

Carol has a wonderful group of volunteers who assist her at the centre, many being there for many years.

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You can help SAPREC by making donations using PENG COIN.

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